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I had an excellent weekend, and I’m very thrilled with everything that happened! It was just another Saturday, with housing duties, but I took some time to go take a look at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 (FIWC 08) that was going to happen in São Paulo. So close to home that makes me think: “why not taking a peek?”

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My intention was just to go there and take a look, but when I came to the place the subscription line was not so big, so I decided to subscribe myself and have some fun. Well, it didn’t look so bad: even though it was based on PlayStation3, the game is FIFA08, which I play regularly on my Xbox 360 at home. The only thing that seemed would be a problem was the controller, so I was completely OK with the fact the I was not going further than the first round knockout.

Overview of the competition:

  • 200 participants
  • Single-elimination tournament
  • FIFA08 on PlayStation3
  • Few people from other states, only two foreigners (Mexicans)
  • Qualifier to choose the Brazil representative for the world cup in Germany

As I said, it was just fun for me, but at the end, I went all the way through the eighth-finals! That’s awesome! This puts me among the 16 top FIFA players in the country. Who would imagine that? 🙂

Well, apart from what happens to me, that was a very interesting and thrilling competition, and also very friendly. No problems with competitors, no disqualifications, everything seemed to work pretty well.

It’s unfortunate that the winner was a Mexican. I think the official FIFA note would explain better than me:

“Ruben Morales Zerecero from Mexico was crowned the champion of the Brazilian FIFA Interactive World Cup Final 2008 today after defeating previous champion Andre Buffo and new challenger Richard Riviere in a sensational event in Sao Paolo. ” (read more)

Never the less, this was a great weekend. I’m still waiting for the official record of my final position, so I will write a little more about it in future posts. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, take a look at my gallery on Flickr!

FIWC08 - That’s me, my prize and my 406 tag.

I found a website with press coverage. That’s me on the second photo. You can see some videos too.
Another one, with me on the 4th photo.


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