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73% workaholic

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I suspected that already, but now I’m sure.

This morning I heard on the radio the 8 signs of being workaholic:

  1. Works when doesn’t need to (weekends, holidays, extra hours).
  2. Leave family and group activities aside (lack of social and family life).
  3. Suffers of abstinence syndrome (anxious when not doing anything “useful”).
  4. Do many things at the same time (some times not even related to each other).
  5. Talks about work most of the time (or things related to work).
  6. Difficult to relate to colleagues (critic, demanding, perfectionist).
  7. Frequent health problems (flu, stomach, and stress related illness).
  8. When finally finds something as interesting as work, gets addicted to it for a while, then get back to work.

I won’t say that the above items describe me perfectly, but I’m pretty sure more than a half of them fit me very good.

A few minutes ago, while trying to work from home, I started browsing around the internet and found out my level of workaholism. According to this test, I’m 73% workaholic (if that’s something you can measure in numbers).

“Your score is 73. You are a workaholic. You could be on your way to burn-out, and family members may be experiencing emotional repercussions as well.”

True or false, that really makes me think if I’m really there, and if what I’m doing is being worthwhile.

What about you? Do you feel workaholic? Do you relate to the signs above? Did you get a score higher than 50% in the test? Please, share your thoughts in the comments area.

Oh, and by the way, I do like my job.


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março 19, 2008 at 22:02

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