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Using PixelView Play TV Pro Ultra remote control on Fedora 12

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I recently reorganized my home office, and when doing so, I added a couch so I could watch movies more comfortable (it’s a second option, since I already have a Popcorn Hour at the living room). While looking at some old stuff, I found the remote control that came with my ancient PixelView Play TV Pro Ultra, which I don’t use for a long while, but it’s still installed anyway. Since I have that, I decided to make the RC available, so I could be even more comfortable while pausing/fast-forwarding my movies from the couch.

Items used in this tutorial:

Quick overview about the hardware install part: place the card on the PCI slot, connect the IR receiver on the proper plug on the board, boot the system. You’ll find your way… 🙂

Apparently Fedora will detect the TV card, but it won’t recognize the proper model, so you need to tell it exactly which card is in use. You do so by creating a file telling the driver about it:

# cat /etc/modprobe.d/cx88xx.conf
options cx88xx card=27

Now you have two options: reboot, or reload the module. To reload the module, run the following commands:

# rmmod cx8800
# rmmod cx88xx
# modprobe cx88xx
# modprobe cx8800

Now install the necessary packages:

# yum install lirc totem-lirc

And here are the magic tricks: this remote control does not work out of the box, so I had to tell lirc where to find the IR input device, and create a new config file to make it understand what each button does (well, at least most of them).

First you need to tell lirc where to find the IR input device. You do so by editing /etc/sysconfig/lirc and editing the device line like this:


Next, save the text of this page to a file named /etc/lirc/lircd.conf. Now enable the remote control daemon:

# chkconfig lirc on
# service lirc restart

After that, all you need to do is open Totem, go to menu Edit -> Plug-ins and enable the “Infra-red remote control” plug-in.

Unfortunately you can’t open a new file, neither skip to the next file on your play list, but at least you can play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind. Maybe I’ll take some time later to enable more of the IR features (or, if you have done so, please add to the comments of this page).

Have fun! 🙂


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