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LHC operates today

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Today the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) starts it’s operation. This is a huge particle accelerator (also widely known as “the largest machine built by man”) which will try to reproduce the conditions that existed only during the Big Bang, and also try to detect and prove the existence of many particles only known in theory (so far).

LHC at Wikipedia
Special website from Nature
Coverage from Scientific American

Some say this is the prelude to the end of the world, but that’s just human nature. Usually people are scared about things they don’t know or don’t understand. For those people, today is the first day towards the end.

For those who believe the LHC is a benefit to humanity, we can only hope that with the experiments we can finally understand black holes, worm holes, big bang, or even time travel and parallel dimensions.

Let History define who’s right and who’s wrong.


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setembro 10, 2008 às 09:01

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