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After a long time with my old Athlon 3000+, I decided it was time for an upgrade. After not-so-careful choosing, here’s what I got:

  • Motherboard ASUS M2N-X.
  • Processor Athlon64 X2 5000+.
  • Memory 2GB DDR2 800Mhz

Most of what I had before has been preserved, like hard drives, monitor, etc.

So no huge difference, except now I have dual core in the desktop (already have a dual core laptop) and I can do virtual machines at home.

Anyway, not going to bore you about how cool this machine is, how easy it was just to rebuild initrd, etc etc etc.

What matters now:

  • There is a new poll in my blog. Tell me what kind of computer you have.
  • The remainder parts of my old machine are for sale.

Let the fun begin. 🙂


Written by netmask

junho 15, 2008 às 12:05

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  1. Did you find the I/O slow?

    Could be my hard disk, but it was faster on 32-bit.

    Also: Did you upgrade the bios? You don’t?

    Do the following: Simply enable full memory test. If it does, update it. 🙂

    Aldrin Leal

    junho 23, 2008 at 20:19

  2. […] o Popcorn Hour tenho usado um router wireless para conectá-lo à internet, utilizando o meu PC no quarto como gateway (conectado no Virtua). Essa conexão também era usada pelo Xbox 360 (e futuramente […]

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