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Halo 3 sucks (IMPO)

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Oh yeah! First rant of the year: Halo 3 sucks (in my personal opinion). I have bought the Halo 3 Limited Edition, and I am very glad that I haven’t spend my money in any of the other “cool” items they sell (like the “Xbox 360 Halo” console).

After trying many times, played online, watching the extras, reading the history behind the saga, and even playing Halo 1, I can’t make a connection to the game. I can’t see anything in the game that interests me. Nope, nothing, not even the weapons (they just feel lame compared to any other FPSes I’ve player before).

So I decided that I’m selling my copy of Halo. Sorry anyone outside Brazil, but it would be a pain to ship to other countries, so I’ll offer to locals first.

And if you’re thinking “what? how could he not like it?”, it’s simple: even the engineers admit, “if we please 90% of the games, that would be enough” (saw that on the extras, when the engineers were talking about the release process). So I’m one of the 10%. Period. Bye bye.


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janeiro 1, 2008 às 16:39

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