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Chameleon car

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Nissan has developed a type of paint which can change colors depending on the level of electrical current applied to it. The idea is very cool, because you can use different colors depending on the event or the place you’re going to, or your mood.

Let’s think with a dark mind: what happens if the driver hits someone on the road while blue, than run a few kilometers and turn red? It would be hard to track the car (or maybe not, because of it’s unique design, but still hard). Some countries even have restrictions in which the owner’s documents are issued mentioning the color.

Well, looking with a scientific eye, it’s a very good idea. It can be applied to outdoors, walls, windows, and you can have a new paint on your home or business place in just a few seconds (and a big electricity bill by the end of the month). 🙂


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novembro 13, 2007 às 11:35

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