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I've got an XBox 360

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I was reviewing my posts, and found one I had to do a follow up. Once I said that I would go with PS3 if I could afford it. Well, I can, but when it came the time to buy, it was not worth it.

There is a big price difference between the PS3 with no accessories, and the XBox 360 with extras (controller, DVI, 1 game, remote control, etc). In the end, the XBox offered a better price/benefit rate, and I decided to go with it.

Also, the price of the games in Brazil is also huge, and it’s easier to find good titles for the XBox than the PS3. The amount of PS3 games selling in Brazil is lower than XBox, and even if I would go with legacy PS2 games, what good would be to have PS3 and run legacy? In any case, XBox also runs legacy games from the original XBox console.

So, now I have an XBox 360, with a few accessories and some nice games. The graphics look fantastic on my 32″ LCD TV, connected using the HDMI cable (1080i) Well, let’s be honest, that’s all Windows is good for: games. 🙂


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novembro 8, 2007 às 09:51

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  1. […] PS3 (if I could afford it). Well, by the time the opportunity came, I could not, so XBox360 was the obvious choice. So, what does that all matters? If you read my post about PS3, you’re going to see that back […]

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