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Need a visa?

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I forgot to write about this fun story.

Last week, when I was connecting flights in Atlanta to come back to Sao Paulo, there was a guy, American by the looks, that was checking in to get the same flight. The girl in the Delta desk look at his passport and shoot the fatal question: “do you have a visa, sir?” The guy look astonished, and replied “do I need a visa?” “Yes sir, all Americans are required to have a visa to travel to Brazil.”

Reaction: “what? I need a visa? why nobody told me that before? why do I get to know it right before boarding?“. The girl returned his passport and said “sorry sir, it’s not our job to advise about visa issues“. He took his cell phone, dialed and started yelling: “dam, why didn’t you tell me I need a visa?“.

Awesome! 🙂

BTW, more information here.


Written by netmask

outubro 1, 2007 às 17:24

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  1. It’s more common that you’d think. Americans usually don’t need visas to travel as most of the world won’t require them.

    Of course, it’s still the dude’s fault that he didn’t look the info up before.

    Roberto Teixeira

    outubro 2, 2007 at 15:37

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