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Nice dinner at Outback

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Usually I don’t give big comments on my meals, but this one was interesting. We went to the Outback, and I ordered an Outback Special medium rare. For some unknown reason, they got me medium well. Of course I didn’t accept it, so I called the waitress and threw a silly excuse: “I think you misunderstood me, probably because of my accent, but I asked medium rare, not medium well“.

She said she was sorry, and she ran back to the kitchen. The manager came to our table right away and asked if everything was good. The other guys, which were already eating, all said “yes”, and I said too, but he looked at me and we had this brief conversation:

(Mgr) No, I know about your problem, don’t worry. Can I get you something, like a soup, fries, onions, etc?
(Me) No, never mind, I’ll just wait here.
(Mgr) What about a beer?
(Me) No, I’m good.
(Mgr) It’s on the house.
(Me) Magic words! 🙂

So he brought me another can of Guinness. Very good beer, by the way.

I can tell you for sure: in some restaurants they would only look at you and say “sorry sir, we’ll try to get it right next time”. Well, Outback’s kind of attitude is what I expect in a decent restaurant. I hope they also do it in their restaurants in Brazil.


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setembro 19, 2007 às 01:09

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