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Back to the USA

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Yes, I’m here again. Waiting for a connection flight in the JFK airport. The last time I traveled I didn’t write anything about it, but I think something will show up in this blog this time. So let’s start with the interesting stuff about the travel from Brazil to USA.

My original flight was supposed to be from Sao Paulo to Atlanta, but when I was in the check-in line, they informed me about overbooking, and proposed to switch flights to New York. The proposal was interesting, since I would be arriving my final destination (Raleigh) about 3 hours earlier. But they didn’t have alley sits, so I turned down the offer (I don’t like 9h flight on a window sit, it’s not good for the legs). So I just checked in, like going to Atlanta.

When I was on the x-ray line, they called me through the airport speaker (never heard my name so loud).. I came back to the Delta desk, and they said they had a cancellation, and I got my corridor sit. “Ok, do what you need to do”. Tickets changed, let’s go.

I got lucky! The cancellation was for two, so I got two seats all for me (I could even lay down!). The flight was very good. Not as good as my flight to the UK by Air France (and returning by KLM), but much better than my last trip to US by American Airlines. Airplane clean, acceptable noise level, well educated and courteous crew, and good food. Except for the fact that both companies use a big screen in the wall that is shared with everyone in the business class (while Air France and KLM provide individual screens), the movie was good (Ocean’s Thirteen).

And since nothing can be perfect, when I arrived JFK I got a delayed flight. My connection to Raleigh has been postponed from 8:30am to 11:30am, and now I’m sitting at the airport browsing around the internet (nothing interesting to do, and I can’t leave the boarding area). At least they gave me a breakfast voucher.

Now you know why I was messing with my backpack yesterday.

Well, that’s it for now. More to come during this week. Stay tuned. 🙂


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setembro 16, 2007 às 10:44

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