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Strage things found in backpack

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I was reviewing my backpack contents today, and I found bunch of things from all my trips in the last 12 months:

– Taxi cards from Uberaba/MG.
– Hotel bills from São Paulo (when I didn’t live here).
– Maps from Guildford/UK.
– Maps and receipts from Buenos Aires/AR.
– Money from Argentina (ARS). 🙂
– A “Teach Yourself Spanish” book.
– Receipts from Raleigh/US.
– Entry documents from when I was coming back to Brazil.
–  My passport (that I could not find anywhere at home).

That’s what you get when you keep stashing stuff in your bag. 🙂

I’ll make another post later to tell you what I carry every day.


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setembro 15, 2007 às 15:19

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  1. […] Now you know why I was messing with my backpack yesterday. […]

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