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Creative ways of asking

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Some people have very creative ways of asking things.

Hi! I can’t land with my spaceship. I’m in an open cosmic space and can’t return to earth until my space ship is serviced!
I plugged my space ship in port 21 of router 9
I see link up, but can’t get an address via DHCP
I’ll be short of oxygen shortly, I need to return to Earth!

Translating: he connected his computer to port 21 on the switch 9, link is up, but he can’t get an IP address, and he needs it ASAP to finish an important task.

That was hilarious. 🙂


Written by netmask

setembro 4, 2007 às 18:48

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  1. Ha, this is internal, company confidental communication! 🙂 Without a setting! All you readers of this blog; what would you ask if you were alone in a space ship with a risk that without an immediate action taken you’d burn in the atmosphere?


    setembro 10, 2007 at 02:15

  2. Hey Lubomir, I had no idea you read my blog. 😉


    setembro 10, 2007 at 09:17

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