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Eudora is coming back!

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The nerd who got his first internet access during the 90′ who has never used Eudora, get out of here and don’t continue reading. 🙂

Eudora is coming back! Qualcomm released it’s source code, and now it’s being worked on by the Mozilla foundation, and a new version will come with a Thunderbird feeling.

That is awesome news! IMHO, there is still a lot of usability that could be learned from Eudora. It was stable, easy to use, scalable, and had a nice feeling for every day work. I’ll be sure giving it a try on the first betas.

Read a brieafing and some user comments on LWN, and the full announcement on PR Newswire.

Update: Forgot to say that the name of the new beast will be Penelope. No, I don’t like the name, sounds too childish, but… It’s also pre-released as Thunderbird extension. And this is old news from last year… 🙂


Written by netmask

junho 25, 2007 às 19:10

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