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Stock Car Brazil

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Last Sunday I went to Interlagos to watch live the stock car racing. It was my first time there, and I found it amazing. The sound, the smell, the feeling of being so close to the cars is stunning. Even though I was not on the best spot, it was a great place to get near the cars while they formed the grid. Also it’s the spot where the engines run at full speed, so you can feel the brute force of all the engines shaking you from inside when they pass.

DSC08407.JPG DSC08388.JPG DSC08402.JPG

Basically it was an experiment for me. I’m preparing to watch live the next Formula 1 racing, that will happen mid-October. That will be the real deal. 🙂

Take a look at a little video.


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junho 18, 2007 às 22:49

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