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Life's good (or me @ redhat + sao paulo)

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Yeah! Life’s good! Life in São Paulo has been a great experience. Lot’s of new stuff regarding personal/housing issues, and specially professional.

Working for Red Hat has been a great experience in many senses. Even if I don’t do direct work for the Linux community, I am one of the many guys around the world that puts the grease into the Red Hat’s gears. Even though I’m not working as a developer, I’m part of a global team that manages the company internals, and helps everyone in this great company achieve their best production every day. It’s fun, and that’s what I have ever been preparing myself to. Unfortunately the amount of work takes a lot of time, and I have not yet managed to find a comfortable time/place/method to get back to my personal Linux projects.

What can I say about São Paulo? It’s a great city to live, despite it’s huge mass of problems. Well, you have to abstract yourself from a lot of them, and learn dealing with others. I’m happy that I managed to learn to deal with the constant traffic jams, that are the most common aspect of the city. Learning the correct times and places you would usually find these jams helps a lot to optimize your day. One thing that still needs some tweak is the life cost. Dam, living here is expensive.

Some people still insist to say I’m crazy because I left Maceió and it’s tremendously beautiful beaches. But I insist: I was born in a urban city (Belém), which is much more similar to São Paulo then it was to Maceió, so I’m feeling very comfortable and very much at home.

Well, enough for now. More updates soon. 🙂


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março 11, 2007 às 13:05

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