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Red Hat: Day 1

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That’s official! It’s my first day on Red Hat! I’ve been hired as a Help Desk Engineer, and I’ll be working at the São Paulo office in Brazil.

No. I have nothing to do with RHEL itself. I also have nothing to do with Fedora. Let’s say I’m just an internal support guy, but I’m very happy about it. 🙂

Remember my last post called “Sao Paulo: Day 1“? Since I’ll be based in Sao Paulo, I had to move from Maceio to the big city. It’s been quite a challenge, because many things in Sao Paulo are really expensive, and even the shortest path to somewhere can turn into a big journey because of the constant traffic jams. But I hope to have that all sorted out pretty soon. It’s just a matter of getting yourself into the city’s own speed.

Want to know something that is really interesting? My very first day on the company has been on Red Hat Europe, in the very nice city of Guildford, UK. That just rocks! My fist day here, and I already had to travel abroad. How cooler can that be?! I’ll stay here for two weeks, then I’ll get back for my regular work hours on Brazil.

Think about a happy geek. 😉


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janeiro 22, 2007 às 16:18

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  1. […] to the usual readers of this blog (which now are so few): what did you think when I said that I was working for Red Hat? Some of you, as I, think “oh, nice chance to get more involved!” … … […]

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