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Yum and duplicated packages on FC6

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I’m pretty new to Fedora, and I don’t know exactly how people deal with this problem, but it bugs me a lot the fact that Yum is always trying to install duplicated packages on my x86_64 desktop. It has the awful idea that it should install both x86_64 and the i386 versions at the same time!

# yum install subversion irssi
irssi                   x86_64     0.8.10-6.a.fc6   extras            892 k
subversion              i386       1.4.2-2.fc6      updates           2.3 M
subversion              x86_64     1.4.2-2.fc6      updates           2.4 M
Installing for dependencies:
apr                     i386       1.2.7-10         core              123 k
apr-util                i386       1.2.7-3          core               75 k
neon                    i386       0.25.5-5.1       core               96 k
perl-URI                noarch     1.35-3           core              116 k
postgresql-libs         i386       8.1.4-1.1        core              195 k
sqlite                  i386       3.3.6-2          core              213 K

Notice that it’s also trying to install a bunch of other dependencies just because of the i386 package (I already have those in their x86_64 version).

The solution? Use Smart:

# smart install irssi subversion
Installing packages (3):
irssi-0.8.10-6.a.fc6@x86_64 perl-URI-1.35-3@noarch subversion-1.4.2-2.fc6@x86_64

And there are still some people that think Smart isn’t needed at all…


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dezembro 29, 2006 às 09:08

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