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Trying Fedora

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I’ve be giving Fedora a try (because I need to, I’ll explain later). It makes me realize how bad is to have fixed ideas about solving a problem, which is common when you need to deal with some different concepts in a regular basis for quite some time. So it felt really strange when I switched from Slackware (my first distro) to RedHat, then to Conectiva, Mandriva, SUSE and now Fedora.

This really feels strange. Even more because I’m switching from KDE to Gnome. I’m having a very hard time finding the things around. The apps that should be the equivalents of K3B (Gnomebaker) and Amarok (Rhythmbox) may be really tight to the Gnome HIG, but they are far (far) away from being user friendly, and would need to grow up for ages before being real competitors to their KDE counterparts. Hey, this is my opinion. You’re free to disagree.

Kudos to the SUSE developers on how they managed to build a x86_64 distribution. Fedora is just a big nightmare when comes to that. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t look like they’re paying too much attention on that matter. Explaining the problems I’m having with it (mostly browser, plugins, duplicated packages, repository problems, etc) would need a separate post, which I don’t feel I’m up to write at the moment.

And may I say that, I don’t know why, Yum behaves differently on Fedora than it does on SUSE (don’t ask me to explain), which makes me feel very comfortable to, once more, say out loud that Smart is, definitely, the most comprehensible, stable and easy to use package manager.

Well, I guess I don’t have much to say for now. This post is not a review, neither a comparison, is just a follow up on what I’ve been doing. Maybe I’ll post some more on this matter when when I fell I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. 😉


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dezembro 18, 2006 às 18:35

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  1. It would be nice to hear what you think what is so bad about Fedora.

    I am using Fedora with KDE. I found that Fedora is very purist, so there are many things to change. On the other hand I think Fedora is much better with updates. Its enough to have a hand full of repositories while with Opensuse I had much more repositories and the guys frequently changed the repositories beside this the whole update process was extremely slow. With Fedora that was much easier and faster. Of course the new opensuse has changed that partly as I read in reviews.

    So beside the 64bit issues what else you think is missing/bad?


    dezembro 19, 2006 at 06:16

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