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Novell + Microsoft = what???

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I simply can’t express any opinions yet. I’ll just post the links to the bombastic announcement. Let’s read all of them so we can have a consistent idea of what is happening.

The funny part, a brazilian site published a note saying that “the Saint Never-gonna-happen” day took place yesterday. While RedHat limits to say: “Unthinkable“.

Ps.: Interesting to see that Microsoft’s web site doesn’t have a single note on this issue, even though you can find some of their developers spreading the news.


Eu simplesmente ainda não consigo expressar nenhuma opinião. Vou me limitar a apenas postar os links para o tal anúncio bombástico. Vamos ler todos eles para termos uma idéia consistente do que está acontecendo.

No lado engraçado da notícia, o br-linux.org publicou a nota dizendo que “o dia de São Nunca foi ontem”. Enquanto a RedHat limita-se a dizer: “Unthinkable” (impensável).

Ps.: � interessante como não há nenhuma menção no site da Microsoft, apesar de encontrarmos alguns de seus desenvolvedores espalhando a notícia.



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novembro 3, 2006 às 07:58

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  1. Actually, you can find this announcement on Microsoft’s front page. It is not easy and it took me a minute. But there is a black news ticker in the middle of the page. The announcment shows up there.


    novembro 3, 2006 at 11:35

  2. Actually, it is pretty easy to find the announcement when you want it. All you have to do is go to the press page to find it.

    Also, I think there is a large misunderstanding of how corporations work. Many people from the open source community have a very personal view of the whole thing. A us-against-them attitude that simply does not make sense at a corporate level. The announcement is fairly clear. First and foremost it is nothing more than one more patent-protection agreement Microsoft does with large companies. Novell uses Microsoft patents and vice-versa. Makes perfect sense when you think about it without preconceptions about the Evil Microsoft. Second, Microsoft is looking into virtualization, the hot topic of the day, The VirtualPC business has long been under pressure to support Linux and obviously Microsoft is making sure Windows is going to be run under Linux as well. Again, perfect business sense.

    A lot of people will come up with conspiracy theories, but they’ll most likely be easy to dismiss. To give an example, let’s see the first one that’s around: Microsoft, Novell and Oracle united to destroy Red Hat. Come on people! Thing about it for a moment. I won’t even go through the nasty relationship between Microsoft and Oracle. All you have to think about is why would Novell help Oracle push a RedHat-clone? Wouldn’t it be easier for Oracle simply to officially support SLES?


    novembro 3, 2006 at 18:59

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