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Current total data storage available

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Yesterday I was thinking how much space I have available to myself counting every single piece of hardware I can remember (except my office’s servers). So here are the numbers:

  • Fixed storage:
  • 200GB on the desktop
  • 40GB on the laptop
  • Portable storage:
  • 2GB on a pendrive
  • 1GB on an MP4 device
  • 1GB on an MP3 device
  • 1GB on a memory stick (camera)
  • (My cell phone doesn’t have any storage space)
  • Variable storage:
  • 2 DVD/RW devices
  • 1 CD/RW device
  • 10 DVD/RW media
  • 10 CD/RW media
  • Total: aprox 296.5GB

Although I know some people would even have two 160GB drives (or more) on it’s desktop, the current number is already a lot of space. And if I’m not forgetting anything, I’m currently using only 60% of this.


Written by netmask

outubro 17, 2006 às 16:55

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