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Post number 100 (and some random thoughts)

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Thoughts for all readers:

  • This blog has been up for 1 year, 2 months and 25 days. After it went on-line, the static part of my site has been dusting on some dark corner… I’m planing to transform it into a wiki of some sort, I just need to find some time and the right software to do it (MoinMoin being my first choice).
  • It took me too long to reach the post number 100 because I don’t like to post anything about my private life. Not that I’m some kind of privacy paranoid, but my every day life doesn’t have many interesting things that worth a post.
  • Although this is officialy tagged as post number 100, it’s internal ID is 105. I’ve regreted to write some things and deleted them before going public (otherwise I would attract a hell of a fight to myself).

Thoughts for nerds:

  • During the last week I’ve been working on a cool restructuring on a small part of my company’s network infra-structure. I have configured and installed 9 servers, 22 switches and 15 wireless access points. Notice the word “small” in bold above? This is a very tiny small part of the huge network I have to manage. I guess I can say it’s about 2% of the total network infra-structure.
  • I’ve been monitoring 35 blogs using rss2email, but it’s very hard to track all the news and interesting posts. I’ve trimmed them all down to 12 sites, most of them related to Linux and/or IT world.

Pensamentos para brasileiros:

  • Ainda estou rindo sozinho quando penso na estória do caixa eletrônico. 🙂
  • Cala a boca Galvão! Ã? insuportável assistir qualquer esporte na Globo que tenha a narração dessa MALA! Eu adoro a Formula1, mas quando esse cara está com o microfone, só sabe falar do prepotente do Schumacher! Tô pra ver cara mais puxa-saco, sem sentido, ignorante, intrometido, metido, prepotente e marketeiro do que ele. Haja saco!
  • Falando em Formula1, Schumacher já vai tarde! Se Senna não tivesse morrido quando você estava entrando nas equipes de ponta, você NUNCA teria sido quem é. Vai ser cagado assim no quinto dos infernos!
  • Comecei bem, mas perdi a compostura no final. 😉

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setembro 10, 2006 às 16:42

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