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New wireless cards (and MadWifi tips for SUSE users)

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Today I bought a new wireless card. It’s a D-Link DWL-G520, rev B3, Atheros chipset, works perfectly with MadWifi (YaST detected it immeditaly as soon as I loaded the kernel module). I’ve got good speed rates (although I still think 30Mb/s isn’t enough), finally managed to make it run in Master mode with WPA encryption (acx111 only do WEP on Master, and ndiswrapper won’t even enter Master mode), and got Kismet working (as a consultant, I’m starting to need to test my clients’ WLAN strenghts).

Related to that, yesterday I also switched my laptop’s Linksys WPC54G for an IBM 802CAG for almost the same reasons. First of all the Linksys’ Broadcom chipset still doesn’t have a stable Linux native driver, and because of that I still have to use it with ndiswrapper (what is rather unconfortable, since it limits the experience in many ways). On the other hand, the IBM card uses an Atheros chipset, so I can also use it with MadWifi. The second reason is that the Linksys card can’t do Super G, while either the IBM and D-Link cards can, so I will manage to get better speeds. Third and last reason: I also needed to run Kismet on my laptop.

By the way, two tips for SUSE users. (a) I couldn’t make SUSE’s MadWifi packages to work correctly because I could only find madwifi RPM, but not madwifi-kmp-* on the main repository (help here?), but simply adding MadWifi’s official repo got everything running. (b) The Kismet package on SUSE’s repository refused to work with the latest MadWifi drivers, so I had to build my own upgraded package (check into my repository).

What happened to my other wireless card? Unfortunately it wasn’t working so well because the acx111 driver has a bug that makes tranfers stall under high load. That’s a known bug and they plan to correct it some time in the future, but unfortunately I can’t help (I know very little C, and even less kernel module programming) and I can’t wait (I often need large transfers from my laptop to my desktop). I’m still deciding if I’ll keep or sell it (anyone interested?).


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junho 27, 2006 às 22:52

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  1. One comment, I also had the same config of wifi, and to use wpa my experience are so better using the wpa suplicant from svn 🙂


    junho 28, 2006 at 09:52

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