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Smart 0.42 is out!

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The new release of Smart Package Manager is out on the wild! And now my YaST2 channel implementation is officially supported (so I’m an official co-maintainer, I guess).

From the release notification e-mail:

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at niemeyer.net
Sun Jun 25 19:36:57 PDT 2006

Smart 0.42 is out!

I'd like to send special thanks to Michael Vogt and Mauricio Teixeira for the efforts put into this release.

Download information is available at http://smartpm.org

MD5SUM: e60b411ad41dbe2e6fc57a04d82f91cb (check it!)

Changes in this version:

- Support for YaST2 channels (thanks to Mauricio Teixeira).
- New plugin that optionally keeps the channels in sync with
/etc/apt/sources.list{.d}, for APT-based distros (thanks to Michael Vogt)
- New man page (thanks to Christoph Thiel).
- GTK interface now uses GtkFileChooser if available, and uses
buttons order according to the gnome HIG (by Michael Vogt)
- New zh_CN translations (thanks to Funda Wang).
- New rpm-log-file option, passed to the RPM API.
- New option deb-purge, allows passing --purge to dpkg instead of --remove.
- Many bug fixes.

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

Written by netmask

junho 26, 2006 às 11:01

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