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F1 Simulator (virtual cockpit)

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I’ve uploaded to Flickr some shots of a cool machine that was presented on a local mall last week. It’s a F1 Simulator (also called virtual cockpit), entirely developed by a brazilian company called Armaroli Design.

F1 Simulator F1 Simulator

The simulation is awesome! Although it’s a 3 headed screen, a regular PC game, and a steering wheel you can easily buy, but the real development here is the cockpit and the realistic feel of the speed (5.1 sound, wind blowing in your face, the tight cockpit, the position relative to the screen, etc). Checkout their site, and watch some videos!

They’re demonstrating this baby on a tour around Brazil, and I don’t know if they intend to sell this outside here. But from the info I could get from the guys on the demo, it’s designed to be sold to racing teams in order to help pilots practice before getting into the real tracks, and also for demonstration and entertainment on big events for anyone who wish to afford a rent. They’re not planning to sell on the open market to the gaming fans (not yet).

Oh, yeah, I want one of this at home, but unfortunately they refused to tell me the price for now. 😀

Ps.: I have a 4 minute video of me driving this baby, but it’s 84MB, so it’s really difficult to post here. I’ll think on how to do it later. Sorry.


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abril 29, 2006 às 09:25

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