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My three computers on my first Flickr upload

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I finally decided to activate my Flick account, and for that I chose a picture from the three computers I’m currently working with. The word ‘currently’ here applies in the way that only the desktop is really mine, the others belong to two clients I’m currently working to, but both stay with me.
My three computers

From left to right:

  • Sony Vaio PCG-Z505SX – Pentium II 366Mhz, 384MB PC100, HD 6GB IBM UDMA/33, LCD 12″, wireless Linksys WPC54G.
  • My destop I build myself – AMD Sempron 2400+ (overclocked), cooler Thermaltake Volcano 12, motherboard ABIT KV7, 512MB DDR 400Mhz, HD 80GB Samsung SATA, HD 80GB Samsung UDMA/133, HD 40GB Western Digital, CD-RW LG CED-8080B, DVD-RW LG GSA-4167B, wireless Airlink AWLH3025.
  • HP Evo n1020v – Pentium 4 2.4GHz, 512MB PC133, HD 40GB Compaq UDMA/100, LCD 15″, CD-RW+DVD-R (combo), wireless Linksys WPC54G.

Obviously all of them run SUSE Linux.
BTW, the photo was taken using a Sony DSC-S40B.


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abril 22, 2006 às 18:09

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  1. Way to go mauricio !!!!

    now, if you’d like to, you can join openSUSE group of users in Flickr:


    then, when you have uploaded a “suse” photo simply click on “add to group” and choose opensuse and that photo will be “aggregated” to the group.

    See ya !


    abril 23, 2006 at 10:10

  2. […] Yesterday I’ve got two bad mother boards: my home desktop, and the HP laptop I was working with. Neither of them boots anymore… Fortunately I still have the good old Vaio, so I can work until I decide what to do. […]

  3. […] Ps.: The older laptops are being retired. They’re coming back to their original owners. […]

  4. Hey, you got a Z505SX to 384MB RAM? How is that? There is 64MB soldered on the board, so if you had a 256MB SODIMM installed, it would be 320MB of RAM…Anyway, I would love to up the RAM in my Z505SX to at LEAST 512MB (which would really be 576 after sticking in a 512MB SODIMM), but I am not sure how compatible it is with anything larger than 128MB.

    Please let me know how you (or the owner) did this, any tricks? Or does it only detect 128MB of RAM from the stick?


    Josh Dionne

    junho 2, 2007 at 00:20

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