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Free episodes on-line / Episódios grátis on-line

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ABC will launch a new service in May 1st. They will release totally free the latest episodes from “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Commander in Chief” and “Alias” on-line, on the next day it’s aired on the US. They’re using this strategy to reduce the P2P piracy, even though you can’t download the video, just watch the stream. Anyway, it’s great news!


A rede americana ABC irá lançar um novo serviço em 1º de Maio. Eles irão disponibilizar gratuitamente os últimos episódios de “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Commander in Chief” and “Alias” on-line, no dia seguinte à sua exibição nos EUA. A estratégia foi criada com a intenção de reduzir a pirataria nas redes P2P, mesmo que você não possa baixar o vídeo, apenas assistir em stream. De qualquer forma, a notícia é excelente!


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abril 14, 2006 às 17:58

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  1. […] CBS released the InnerTube. It’s a service similar to ABC’s online episodes, but it’s way better in the sense that it’s open to the worldwide public, while ABC restricts the access to US only. Unfortunately they’re not planning to broadcast full episodes of their series for now. They’re starting with hotspots, internet specials (interviews, making-offs, etc) and commercials. Well, it’s great anyway! […]

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