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Addicted to RSS?

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I’m using rss2email. It’s a nice RSS reader that sends you an e-mail message for every feed entry. It’s really annoying having to check Firefox’s active bookmars, and I couldn’t find any usable feed reader plugin that suits my needs.

Anyway, after having about 5 feeds I decided to go for Free Software Planet. After about a month receiving up to 500 posts a day (FSP + many other feeds), I realized that I was spending almost 3 hours of my day reading blog posts.

Be careful. When things turn to be too much easy, you tend to addict to them. 🙂


Written by netmask

março 7, 2006 às 23:49

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  1. I love Sage (http://sage.mozdev.org) for reading RSS. I find it really good — althouth its default CSS stylesheet is not ideal.

    Roberto Teixeira

    março 11, 2006 at 20:47

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