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That's one really nice day

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<what a day!>

– I woke up with a nice cup of cappuccino. Sit down on my computer, read my e-mails and filled my amaroK queue with 16 albums from The Beatles (The Black Box Set, 10h of old school rock).
– With this nice background music, I starded some Python coding. After my brain got tired with so much ifs/fors/classes, and such, I enqueued 7 albums from Nirvana (6h of nice old grunge rock).
– Some time later, I went to the mall an bought myself a christma’s gift (DVD LG DK9923N, with DivX support). The final touch was a nice night of good pizza.
– I beat my own record of 17 slices, and that time I crammed myself with 20 slices.
– After all that, I came home, enqueued 3 albums from cold play, and ended my day with some more Python coding. 🙂

</what a day!>


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dezembro 17, 2005 às 22:39

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  1. One word: Wow

    Eskild Hustvedt

    dezembro 17, 2005 at 23:26

  2. Hi,

    Some time ago I purchased a Pioneer DV-578, which is a quite nice player. Although it’s nowhere stated in the specs, it plays DivX/XviD quite well. Progressive scan output is good and the chroma upsampling bug from the mediatek deinterlacer is barely noticeable.

    Add a DD/DTS receiver, however, and you’ll not watch DivX-encoded movies anymore. 5.1 sound is so much better.


    dezembro 18, 2005 at 09:37

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