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A Gamer’s Day

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Here we go again with some more fun! 🙂

Now I’ve found A Gamer’s Day, a very cool home made video from Daniel P. Schenk, a sick guy who lives in Germany (I think) and likes to make movies and write books by his own.

This movie is a very cool way of seeing one day of a sick internet gamer, clearly addicted to Counter Strike. Besides the normal fact that he doesn’t want to leave the room, yels at his mom, forgets his girlfriend birthday and is a pig (in the sense of dirty), he also is totally nuts! He (thinks) dresses like a counter-terrorist and start wandering around on his place faking like he’s on a real CS round. That’s what I call sick. 😀

Anyway, it’s a very interesting movie. And the witter were very intelligent not involving any dialogs or such, so it can be watched by any non-german spoken people. Ok, there are some speaches and words on the screen and walls, but they’re not important to the story.

An the best part: it’s a free download!

Oh! And you can find some other stuff on his site too. Maybe I’ll comment on them another day.


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dezembro 5, 2005 às 20:57

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