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Do you know what it's like to be a LOOSER?

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Man! Some people gotta learn that they can’t own the world just because they “pwn” every game!

Yesterday I was browsing ramdonly and I found the site about Pure Pwnage. It’s a home made show about a canadian pro gamer named the_pwnerer (Jeremy in fact) that thinks everyone in the world is a “n00b”. This guy is a big fat ass LOOSER. Want some goot laughs? Go watch it!

You’ve got to understand that I’m not saying I’m better than he or nobody else. I’ve got some ideas about who I am and my own capabilities (and some people might say I’m a real “l4mm3r” some times, and I won’t argue). But this guy? He lives somewhere else in time-space. He thinks he totally rocks in everything he does, but he doesn’t! Maybe (I said maybe) he’s a really good gamer, but this guy doesn’t have any clues about what it’s like to live in the real world!

My opinion about this: every one “got skillz” on whatever they do. Maybe they can become the best on their field sometime, but it doesn’t mean that this particular area is more important than others. Each of us have our own importance on the great puzzle of life, and we’re not even a piece of that, we’re just a tiny molecule of a little piece (deep, uh?). If you can “pwn” you games, that’s because someone else “pwnd” the technology to make it work, like the internet, computer engineering (you need hardware, right) or even OS (yeah, Windows is a great OS, as much as we don’t agree with that, but the games speak for themselves). Hey! What about the staff who engineered the GAME? Do you think they’re “n00bs” too? What an idiot…

For what it’s worth, the show is a good comedy. It’s worth the time downloading, but this guy is totally screwd up. I mean, who actually speaks the “word” LOL? This idiot does! He needs to get a life, urgent!


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novembro 20, 2005 às 15:59

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  1. I really don’t think so. It’s too dam close to reality than it seems. I know gamers that really act like that (of course, not saying “LOL” out loud). You can’t be so much of a good actor (nor scripter) if you don’t know what you’re doing. By the way:


    July 10th 2004

    OMFG DUDE ROTFLOL your show is hillarious but the question has come to mind…are you actually like that in real life or do you just act stupid for the show…i mean practicing your micro at an ATM and acting like you’re microin next to a girl…dude…your shit is hillarious but …are you seriously like that?

    Michael Book

    hye noob,

    wat do u meen “seriously like that”? dood i reely am taht fast at teh atm it ent actin stupid i can get 10 bucks in 4 seconds i pwn noobs liek i do in the show in real lief!!
    lol r u 2 noob 2 c taht? rofl lol noob



    novembro 20, 2005 at 19:45

  2. Oh, so you haven’t heard of B1ff?
    or jeff k?
    Both satire of l337ness. Believe me, there’s people who do waste time on things like these.

    Adriano Varoli

    novembro 21, 2005 at 03:26

  3. dude pwner can do what the fuck he wants u got a prob with his life go to helllllllssssss with a sssssss and a capital H lol i know gaming isnt all life but we can do what we want and plus hes funny and hes good at gaming have u seen his micro?


    dezembro 14, 2005 at 22:27

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