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Playing with VMware GSX

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Today I was playing with VMware GSX server. I did a clean Mandriva install, as simple as I could get, with Fluxbox as WM. The real test will be checking virtual networking and server consolidation features, but I’ve got some interesting numbers when installing the virtualized OSes.

Comparing Windows 2003 Standard and Mandriva 2006-0.5, I could see that W2K3 stays on 70% to 90% of CPU usage most of the time, while MDA uses 50% to 60%. Talking about memory, W2K3 takes 290MB to 320MB, while MDA uses only 20MB to 50MB.

Interesting, uh? 😉


Written by netmask

setembro 20, 2005 às 22:05

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  1. You’d better did the same test with KDE or Gnome desktop ( i.e use a DE as feature wise than XP ). It will be more fair 🙂
    I’ma amazed by the CPU usage of w2k3, seems very high. I didn’t have this with Xp or win2k …


    setembro 21, 2005 at 14:22

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