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Conectiva in a chroot environment

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For all of you that wishes to have a full Conectiva system in a chroot environment, here is a tip.

If you are running a Conectiva host, or any other system that has apt, delete /etc/apt/sources.list, then run the command apt-cdrom add to add the Conectiva CD-ROM to your sources list.

Now, create a dir, remote mounted filesystem, loop or disk image and note the location (in this example, it will be /mnt/chroot. Now run the following:

apt-get -o RPM::RootDir=/mnt/chroot update
apt-get -o RPM::RootDir=/mnt/chroot install task-profile-minimal kernel26 apt-data-cnc

That way, a minimal system will be installed into the specified dir.

Ok, before someone asks me what is it for, I have no idea. I just wrote it because a friend of mine asked how to do it, and I decided to document the procedure.

If something is wrong, or it doesn’t work for you, please leave a comment.

Good luck. 🙂


Written by netmask

junho 19, 2005 às 22:32

Publicado em linux

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